Home Projects That Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to owning a home one thing is for sure and that is there is always something to do. After being a do-it-yourselfer for many years one of the most valuable things that I have learned is to know when to call in a pro. Yes you can save a lot of money sometimes by doing the repairs or renovations yourself but not always.

Some of the most common task for the handy home owner are replacing or repairing doors and windows. Plumbing and some basic electrical work also will be on the “honey do” list at some point.

One of the biggest money savers for the do it yourselfer is adding a wood deck. Deck construction is not too difficult and can save you thousands of dollars. On average you can expect to recover 70 to 80% of your cost when you sell your home. Thăng long home hiệp phước

Another big money saver is fencing. If you have ever priced having a fence installed then you will know just what I am referring to. Installing your own fence is really pretty simple and can be done by hand digging or with the assistance of a power auger which can be rented at the local rent-a-center.

Adding a whole house water filtration system will also give you a big return on your investment.

Today there is one home improvement project that is best left to a professional and that is the installation of a solar energy system. Going forward it is hard to imagine that you won’t recoup the initial cash outlay for the system in about seven years. After that it’s all free energy.

Adding solar energy to your home will also increase its resale value by about 30% or more depending on the kilowatt output of the system.

When thinking about any home improvement always keep in mind the long term return on your efforts. Some projects will produce minimal returns while others will dramatically add to the value when it comes time to sell, and sooner or latter that time will come.

Doing home projects yourself can not only save you some money but can also instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. I have always enjoyed getting a “Job Well Done” from my wife at the end of a project. It comes just before she tells me about my next item on the never ending “Honey Do” list!


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