The Stages of System Analysis and Design of an eCommerce Website

Fortunately, an eCommerce website development method may be simplified considerably by using the right eCommerce development framework. With these frameworks, you obviously want to integrate the best features of an eCommerce site like-

Easily comprehensible navigation

The most vital part of the design of any store is the navigation. Good navigation assists the new customers to get what they want with no hassle; however poor navigation discourages them. They may abandon your shop also.

Compatibility with any gadgets

Most of the store owners want to create mobile-only site. So, the eCommerce site should be fit to various devices.

Fast loading times

It does not matter how striking the design of your shop is. When the loading time of the site is very slow, conversion rate may be reduced considerably.

To add all the above features, you have to use the following frameworks-


This is the most flexible one among all the open source platforms that are utilized by the eCommerce sites. This platform is equipped with the features that help in layered navigation, multi shop facilities, advanced search, product evaluations, email list, and also CMS for the static web pages.

Magento offers three editions- Magento Go (for small industries), Magento Enterprise (for large businesses) and Community Edition. These edition-based systems can be used according to your needs and budget.

In terms of shopping cart creation also, Magento is great. For the convenience of the customers, the businessmen may select maximum 50 payment gateways in order to blend with the Magento-based eCommerce site.

Lastly, Magento does not involve any complicated coding, as it may be easily combined with any third party coding. Moreover, this is not interrupted with extensions or add-ons of potential upgrades. Thus, Magento, a platform based on MySQL and PHP, is helpful to the developers and eCommerce site owners.


It is another spectacular platform, which is chosen by most of the eCommerce sites. It supports very simple and quick installation of any unique online shop, and thus, you do not need to be a professional technician in order to shape your online store. estore

OpenCart offers you lots of functionalities and enables you to accomplish anything that you want to ensure that your web-based business is flourishing. If any particular thing is not integrated into OpenCart, you will be able to download a module or an extension, which provides you the required functionality.

OpenCart can also be used at free of cost because you do not need to pay any licensing fees, while going for the OpenCart development. Thus, with OpenCart, you can make your store interactive and enticing by adding the exciting features that can improve the utility of your site.


This platform possesses extensive features. Besides, there is a broad variety of customization choices for your eCommerce site.

Being a flexible platform, this can assist you to create your store within least time and offer you high flexibility of making a customized store. OSCommerce presents unlimited power of the customization of website. Developers may build high-quality modules and fashionable designs for the online shop with personalization.

The product managing system of OSCommerce can organize their solutions and goods in any way. You may also have a record of all the best-selling products and the consumers, who repeatedly visit your website. Moreover, with only little technical proficiency, you can create different consumer reports and browse the past reports with no trouble. The customization option of OSCommerce can also offer basic layouts, which may make it truly simple for the web-based dealers to handle their websites without becoming the technical professionals.


Many of the eCommerce developers have chosen X-Cart in order to generate the best solution for the projects. If you are searching for an excellent PHP-based shopping cart plan at an affordable cost, you can use X-Cart. The major feature is that there is, in fact no need of the planning of any dedicated server.

Moreover, it is significant to state that this framework is completely compatible to PCI-DSS. Because of the specialized X-Payments system, you may allow credit cards easily on the X-Cart based site. Moreover, with X-Cart, and user can insert meta-tags or identify the URLs and custom titles for category pages and product pages. It develops the status of his online shop with the search engines.

Lastly, one of the major traits is that for using X-Cart you do not need to gain high programming abilities. It is because there is elegant template engine along with uncomplicated PHP code.


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